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HUB Institute – Co-Founder & President

From connected consumers and their new habits and expectations, to the agile competition of startups and ambitious digital leaders (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, etc.), we are experimenting the end of business rules as we know them. And if you take a look at Uber or Airbnb, you see they can change quickly, dramatically and globally. Existing organizations have to be very aware of those changes in order to, react and adapt to them if they want to stay alive for years to come.

The HUB Institute was created in 2011 by Vincent Ducrey and Emmanuel Vivier to help brands and organizations understand the impact of digital disruption and drive their digital transformation. We monitor and decipher trends, share guidance and organize training and networking event. We are a HUB of resources, contacts and insights for high-level managers motivated by the idea of challenging the status quo.

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